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Chapter 1 -
The Problem

About 90% of the population of the British Isles in the year 2003 live in cities and whereas, at the turn of the nineteenth century, that population numbered about 40 million; now it has become around 60 million.  This is an increase of a quarter in fifty years.  The fact that 90% of these people live in an urban environment is largely the outcome of the Industrial Revolution, which got going some two hundred years ago, but, in this century, has accelerated beyond what could be imagined at its beginning.

These urban people know virtually nothing about the countryside,  the land and how it is...
Chapter 2 -
Harmonics, Music, Proportion

In pursuit of this aim, I shall begin by quoting a very modern researcher named Father Andrew Glazewski, a Polish Roman Catholic priest, physicist and musician, who wrote a paper as long ago as 1951 called "The Music of Crystals, Plants and Human Beings".  It was printed in the magazine `Radio Perception`.  Father Andrew died in 1974. 

In his paper, he drew attention to the discovery or rediscovery, of the musical/geometrical...
Chapter 3 -
Indian and Chinese Cosmology

Both Chinese and Hindu musical systems from the earliest known periods appeared extremely complex, though on investigation, they turn out to have differed essentially only in the particular emphasis placed on certain aspects of this science.  For it was a science to them, in a way difficult for the European mind to grasp.  

The ancient Chinese used their music within a philosophy that subscribed to the view that the physical world - and societies and peoples within that world - were or could be...
Chapter 4 -
Geometry, Cosmology, Number

It has been the aim here to demonstrate the fact that the vibrating world in which Man dwells is a continuum (to borrow Jung's terminology), ruled by the action of waves and their frequencies.  These waves exhibit ratios and proportions in their outreach that are musical and music, as we know it, is an inevitable expression of the in-built laws of vibration.  Such action appears as circular, cyclic, spiral and geometric in its varied aspects.  Spirals are expressed geometrically and all activity can be determined in geometrical terms.  Music and geometry become inseparable and they are...
Chapter 5 -
Geometry and Buildings

In Appendix II of “Gematria”, p.95, subtitled "On Geometrical Truth", Bligh Bond concisely summarises the significance of Gematria – words and numbers.  He calls it an explanation of his Chapter 1.   He fuses into unity the different principles involved in the several aspects of one science which clearly exemplifies the wholeness and relatedness of all existence.

He expresses it as follows: "Mere words of natural significance fail to interpret spiritual ideas unless a figurative meaning be added to them.  By type and symbol alone can the ...
Chapter 6 -

In previous Chapters of this study, mention has been made of the increasingly chaotic state of development in social thinking during the latter half of the twentieth century and of an almost complete break with the traditional cultural practices and beliefs of the past.  This goes today for almost all countries' cultures – tried and tested through centuries of experience – and it is a direct result of the technological revolution of the last 200 years.  The effects of these technologies appear to have...

Chapter 7 -

We shall compare all atoms to notes, each with its own frequency and set of overtones which pulsate outward from its centre (the nucleus) in all directions as electrons or quanta in measurable but relative rhythms or beats.  These pulsations will be of a spherical nature in space/time and quite balanced, unless interfered with by some neighbouring counter pulsations.  By resonance, they exert influence far and wide in several octaves, both above and below their immediate...
Chapter 8 -
Octaves and Spirals

It is the electron microscope and all the apparatus invented since its discovery that have revolutionised our view of the world and brought us into contact with regions of experience, belonging formerly only to men of faith.

As we search ever deeper into the sub-atomic depths of matter and observe the passing tracks of fleeting entities, the bursts and showers and spirals of the spectra, we can glimpse...
Chapter 9 -

Now, at a certain point in experience or in a research project, evidence for something tends to accumulate to a degree that it becomes unarguably obvious.

One might have dismissed, on its own, the pendulum spiral of rates as the wavering of an ageing archaeological mind, after too many years spent over-immersed in legends and ...
Chapter 10 -
Biology 1 - Plants

The great Scottish naturalist D`Arcy Wentworth Thompson has shown that there is a real geometrical and proportional conformation, related to the Golden Ratio, in all living organisms, plants and animals.  He spent a lifetime analysing botanical and zoological specimens, taking careful measurements of the dynamics of movement and the spiral organisation of plant-growth, the development of sea-shells in many different spirals.  He revealed the ...
Chapter 11 -
Biology II – Animals and Man

It is considerably less easy to collect data on the harmonic proportions in animals and Man, since less work seems to have been done in this area.
Doczi, again, must be a vital source.  A selection of his diagrams are presented.  Yet the obvious fact is that ...
Chapter 12 -
Seeking Nature's Way

Whether we envisage the Creator – perhaps interpreting literally from the Bible – as a powerful figure sitting on a throne, dispensing justice with a wisdom even greater than that of Solomon, or whether we take it "scientifically" as an interpretation of Law, of cosmic harmony that responds to very precise ratios, is probably not important.  The principle remains.  But if Man, alone of all Creation, chooses to live, ignoring cosmic law, then...

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