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Bibliography The Atom and the Octave, Maryel Gardyne, 2004

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* Please note that you may find  this further work by Father Glazewski, not quoted in the bibliography above, to be of interest. 


Julio Campos
Julio Campos was commissioned to create the illustrations for Maryel Gardyne's book, 'The Atom and the Octave' in 2003. Maryel's book 'helped to put concisely into words the theories that he had been intuitively trying to represent in his previous work. These ideas have been developed further in the current Thread Portal works, Thread Portals 2011-2012 series.
Thread Portals are intuitive patterns over limitless black, these patterns are weaved in time and space. Each piece has its own inner resonance. The result is a vibrating intricate instrument that absorbs the spectator in a hypnotic journey through different dimensions and states of mind.
Inspired by the work of the Scottish thinker Maryel Gardyne 'The Atom and The Octave' and the Scottish composer Jim Sutherland, 'Crackletone, Journey to the Sea of Sparks'. Watch on YouTube

Hans Kayser
Hans Kayser was one of the 20th Century's leading scientists, made a profound philosophic study of Harmonics and wrote a series of works which deeply explored the fundamental principles of Pythagorian Harmony.

Sacred Science Institute
The Sacred Science Institute is a Research Institute & Cosmological Resource Portal engaged in Mapping & Preserving Universal Knowledge from the Great Sacred & Scientific Traditions, to inspire a New Wisdom Renaissance for the 21st Century.

Earth Resonance
The Earth Resonance web site is the result of many years of experiments and research by E. E. Richards who has researched bioenergetics and subtle energy. 

The art music archive of American composer and harmonist Drew Lesso

I Ching Hexagrams And Trigrams - Yin Yang Binary Math Translated Directly  into Music, Color Graphics, Geometry, Magic Squares and Zodiac Calendar - Tao Te Ching Geometry