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The Life and Work of Maryel Gardyne
Chatres CathedralMaryel Gardyne`s roots were near Forfar, north of Dundee, Angus near the east coast of Scotland where her family were farmers. With a deep interest in and sympathy for the land, agriculture and nature, Maryel evidently was amongst Pine Conethe first to see clearly that modern farming methods, industrial processes, increasing urbanisation and the transport methods required to support the rapidly changing twentieth society and economy would have very serious ecological and environmental consequences.

In addition to her personal experience and understanding of agriculture, the countryside and natural processes, her studies, culminating in her impressive book "The Atom and the Octave" have included art, architecture, proportion and sacred geometry, form and symmetry in nature, the sciences, cosmology, numerology and music of both the East and West.

Her work displays evidence not only of the depth of her interest and breadth of reading but also of Maryel's ability to draw together and express meaningfully the salient points which she has drawn from her research. These are presented in an accessible and readable form for others who are treading a similar path.

"The Atom and the Octave" is magnificent synthesis: anyone choosing to follow up all the references and make full use of the bibliography will benefit immeasurably form the groundwork and wisdom which it contains.