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About the Author

Maryel Gardyne grew up on a farm in Scotland and learned conditions in the East and the west, in the 1920`s and 30`s. These were the days of the horse and cart, lamps and candles, before electricity, technology or fertilizers were used on her father`s farm (her father did not like modern methods).

Maryel worked in the forces in World War II and afterwards gained a place in art school in London and Paris. She exhibited paintings in Edinburgh and London and was a member of the Soil Association from1960 and of R.I.L.K.O. the Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation.

After various office jobs and long spells back on the land in 1970, Maryel settled in Edinburgh.

Here Maryel met people who were interested in harmonics and a new viewpoint on the world was opening up. Some scientists were re-quoting the ancient belief in the music of the spheres, and a study of the laws of vibration, along with the visible conformation of objects (plants and people etc.) seems to bear this out.  In particular, the "Pythagorean Comma" was a turning point in the appreciation of how nature appears to us.

After 25 years of research "The Atom and the Octave" was the result.

Maryel`s hope was that her book will be of interest to readers, and that it will stimulate people to further develop their own researches and quests for answers.

Artist Julio Campos received a commission in 2003 to create the illustrations and cover design for The Atom and the Octave. Ideas from this time have developed into his Thread Portals 2012-2013 series.